Beatrice Chan

cropped-bltc.pngExpected Mechanical Engineering Class of 2018 Graduate

Having previously studied in Hong Kong and Canada, I am now a fourth year mechanical engineering student at Queen’s University, Canada, who is working towards a Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Certificate and graduating in spring of 2018.

I am a highly independent, self-motivated, and goal-oriented quick learner who enjoys challenges high levels of critical thinking, and working in a fast-paced environment. I am well versed in coming up with design solutions to open-ended problems that require the use and adaption of complex scientific and mathematical techniques, CAD software and programming, and see myself acquiring project-based positions that allow me to be innovative and creative. Given my exceptional organizational and strong communication skills, I tend to take on the implementer and coordinator role in a team. I am also passionate about emerging technologies, design, innovations, and education, because I believe they are the keys to advance the world and improve standards of living.

The following list contains the courses I have chosen to take this year:

  • MECH 452 Mechatronics Engineering
  • MECH 465 Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • MECH 455 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • MECH 423 Introduction to Microsystems
  • MECH 460 Team Project – Conceive and Design
  • MECH 462 Team Project – Implement and Operate
  • MECH 420 Vibrations

Since the desire for a high-tech, knowledge- and skill-based economic has been highly expressed in recent years, the fields of CAD, manufacturing and mechatronics that utilize numerical methods and computer software such as FEM and ANSYS are constantly evolving. The multi-disciplinary and project-based nature of these courses will broaden my exposure, allowing me to constantly challenge myself – which is crucial and inevitable in industries where problem-solving skills are highly valued.

The past summer, I, along with one of my best friends, both in search of independence and looking for ‘more’, decided to start up a company together. Our business provides a hassle-free editing service necessary for everyone to achieve personal academic and career goals, and have partnered up with several universities clubs and societies to expand our niche. This initiative enabled me to further develop my coding skills and explore my interest in web design and development, UI/X, creating infographics, and marketing, which I find a great deal of enjoyment in.

The sense of satisfaction I earn from my business has fuelled the creation of something more – my fashion blog, a visual diary where I share my outfits and style inspiration as a fashion-savvy young woman. Since then, blogging has become one of my favourite hobbies. Most importantly, my blog is a creative outlet that allows me to combine my passion for fashion, design, photography, web development and coding as an amateur programmer.

This year, I hope to further advance my programming skills as it opens up opportunities to a wide range of career. In terms of professional and interpersonal skills, I would like to work on my adaptability in order to better myself as a team player. I am very excited for the opportunities ahead and am positive that my studies and entrepreneurial endeavours will continue to enrich my exposures, experience, and skill set necessary to succeed as a future engineer and a well-rounded person in general. I am also interested in meeting new people and am currently looking to obtain real-world experience as an expected Mechanical Engineering Class of 2018 graduate, please feel free to learn more about me on this website and contact me if you would like to connect.